About this Blog

This is my personal blog, and all views and opinions represented in it are those of the author (s), and do not reflect any institutions, organisations or people that the author (s) may or may not be associated with. These articles are written based on our own experience and knowledge.

Alex J. Garcia

Employed as Head of Power BI Centre of Excellence for a multi-billion organisation, managing one of the largest Power BI implementations in the world, I have the privilege of working towards aiding the business to use information as best asset to improve operations and decision taking.

With a solid technical background provided by years of front-end and back-end design and development, I have a genuine interest in translating technology to business value and helping IT and non-IT users to make the best of their data, although I have to confess that have fascination for the always creative and surprising ways in which non-IT users do get awesome value from the tool.

I feel lucky for all the opportunities that I personally and professionally had, and now it is time to give back.

My focus now is to help, not only organisations but individuals working for organisations, to get the best value from Microsoft’s Power BI platform from both, the technology and the “how to”  perspective, all in the context of Power BI Centre o

Smart PowerBI

Smart PowerBI is born to help the businesses to help themselves. Whilst there is a sheer amount of resources and material freely available that explain how to implement analytics solutions using Power BI, the reference material about how to deliver the best value of this technology, from organisational point of view, is scattered and disorganised.

Smart Power BI, founded by Alex J. Garcia (me) and unlike other single-contributor blogs, is meant to grow a small community of collaborators that will help to achieve the vision. Being honest and humble, I don’t have deep knowledge and experience on all the areas that I believe are required to get best value from Power BI, therefore this blog will also benefit from other subject matter experts keen to share their knowledge.

This blog aims to cover important aspects such as organisation, best practices and guidelines, news, technical problems and more, but never losing the true spirit: take Power BI to the next level in organisations by empowering individuals using the technology.