Building the Business Case for a Power BI Centre of Excellence – Part 2 of PBI COE Series.

To realise the vision of a CoE, a common and fundamental requirement is to have support from your organisation’s leadership. CoE is no different from any other investment within a company: you will need to justify its value and why your org needs to invest in it instead of something else: you need a business case.

Power BI Centre of Excellence, What and Why – Part 1 of PBI COE Series.

Power BI CoE is an important concept if it is understood that Power BI implementation does not end when the platform is open and available to your organisation.
Implementation starts at this point.
Centre of excellence is one approach to help the business to maximise the benefits realisation, fast track the ROI, provide an all-round greater experience to your business and minimise the risks and downsides of a flexible, business self-service tool as versatile as Power BI.